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Awning Windows

Homeowners have many window replacement options when working with Expert Remodeling Dallas. Awning windows are a perfect upgrade for any space, as they maintain privacy while still providing natural light and fresh air. For over 10 years, this family-owned business has helped homeowners take control of their home environment by choosing only the highest quality windows!

What Are Awning Windows?

The top of an awning window’s frame is hinged, while the bottom swings outward. Some awning windows are manually opened and closed, while others are operated with a hand crank. To preserve seclusion or usable wall space, awning windows that are wider than they are tall are frequently placed higher up on the wall. To improve ventilation, attract more natural light, and maximize views, they may also be placed above doors or larger windows.

Awning windows are excellent for pulling in a cool breeze and allowing stagnant hot air to escape a space. Because they open at the bottom, awning windows naturally shed water, so it’s feasible to keep them open even during the rain. Awning windows are also energy-efficient, in that the wind blowing on them might actually create a better seal.

Benefits Of Awning Replacement Windows

An awning window is typically hinged at the top, so that it swings away from the house when opened. It’s perfect for smaller spaces and offers many benefits including:

  • Higher Wall Placement: Double-hung windows have a smaller footprint, so they can be positioned in spaces that provide more privacy.
  • Ease of Use: Awning windows open by using just one hand and are virtually effortless.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Awning windows have tight seals when closed, contributing to their outstanding energy efficiency.
  • Better Ventilation: Double-hung windows have sash or blades, which can be raised in a wide arc and then lowered.

Quality, Expertly Installed Replacement Windows

Expert Remodeling Dallas is a certified, fully licensed home remodeling contractor. Our installers have plenty of experience to provide flawless workmanship. Add to that our warranties on labor—plus manufacturer warranties—and you know you can trust us with your windows and doors. At Expert Remodeling Dallas, we have a great selection of energy-efficient windows. From independent manufacturers like Milgard, Marvin and Simonton, we offer high-quality windows with the style you want for your house.

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