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Home Remodeling Ideas

Home remodeling is one of the fastest growing industries in America. Homeowners are becoming more and more interested in updating their homes with new paint, flooring, furniture, and appliances. Remodeling and redecorating can be a fun project for homeowners to improve their quality of life while also adding long-term value to their property. Home remodeling ideas range from something as simple as painting walls or changing out your kitchen cabinets to major structural changes like building an addition onto your home or replacing the roof on your house.

Whether you need high-quality design drawings customized specifically for your needs or just want a few low-cost tips about how best to maintain interior spaces, we’re here to help!

Remodeling is about making your home more livable and doing so for a reasonable cost. Home redecorating might seem like an expensive project at first glance but there are steps that homeowners can take to make it much easier on the pocketbook. Costs for home remodeling vary depending on what type of work is needed. Homeowners might choose to work with a contractor or architect to help them plan out their project before they start renovating, which does cost more than just buying new furniture, but hiring a professional can cut down on cost, time, and headaches later on if there are problems found during construction such as plumbing issues, flooring, or electrical issues. 

Whether you are looking for remodeling services for a home or a commercial business,  contact ERD Expert Remodeling Dallas to discuss your project!

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the most commonly remodeled room in the house, with about 30% of homeowners changing their kitchens every year. Kitchen renovation is one of the biggest investments for a homeowner and includes decisions that will absolutely affect the home’s resale value.  Kitchen remodeling can be a daunting task to undertake because kitchen design is so different for each home. One kitchen may have an island while another might not. Some kitchens have a larger kitchen space than others, depending on the layout of that home.

Kitchen remodeling requires careful consideration before making any decisions about how you want your kitchen to look and function in order to make sure it will work best for you and your family’s needs as well as your budget limitations. The cost to renovate an entire kitchen ranges depending on the extent of the work and quality of material, as well as the overall size of the kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling

Next on the list of most popular remodeling projects are bathrooms. Bathrooms are renovated by more than 20% of homeowners annually. Bathroom remodels are the perfect way to give your bathroom a new look. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix with some updated tile and paint or something more in depth like adding on an additional room, this project has a little bit of everything. The keys to successful bathroom renovations start with understanding what materials suit your needs best.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing flooring, cabinets, countertops, tiles – even sinks! From there we can go through colors and designs that will fit within your budget as well as any other personal touches you may want included in the design process, such as special lighting fixtures and other finishes.

With budgets ranging from very low to high depending on the extent of the remodel, a bathroom project can be both expensive and time-consuming. However, the luxury of having a bathroom that you love, along with the increased resale value of the home make this project well worth it!

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It’s our mission is to provide the highest quality Home Remodeling services at competitive prices, while giving delivering high levels of customer service throughout the project. Free Estimates with Competitive Pricing!

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New Siding or Roofing

The exterior of the house is the third most popular remodeling option for homeowners. A full 15% of homeowners opt to replace their home’s siding or roofing each year.  Siding or roofing siding and roofing are both important components of a house.

Siding is the material applied to the outside parts of a building such as walls, windows and doors. Siding can be made from many different types of materials including wood, composite plastic, fiber cement siding (more expensive) vinyl siding (less expensive), stucco or traditional clay tiles.

Roofing refers to either shingle roofs that have been around for centuries but also flat vs pitched roofs with metal flashing used to seal out water penetration on sloped roofs which requires less maintenance than shingle roofs require in terms of replacing rotted boards etc., tar paper installed under these type slopes, as well as repairs needed due to leaks.

Compared to interior options like kitchen and bathroom remodels mentioned above, this type of renovation can be a small yet significant investment in your property for the long-term value, maintenance, and security of your home. 

Basement Finishing

The fourth most common home remodeling project idea is finishing the basement. What’s your style preference? Whether it is a full remodel of the entire space, or simply adding new flooring and decorating to an existing area, there are many small improvements you can do that will result in big changes. The first thing to consider when embarking on this type of project is what needs are going unmet by the current layout which could be addressed with a simple change, like painting the walls or introducing more natural light. With these basic ideas in mind, you can create the space of your dreams to meet then needs of whoever will take advantage of the space. 

Home Additions

One of the more expensive options for remodeling project ideas is extending or adding on to the existing house. A home addition will almost always improve the price of your home because adding square feet is always welcomed.

If you are considering this home improvement, here are some reasons why it might be worth it to invest in adding on to your house: 

  • You have outgrown the size or layout of your current space. 
  • There isn’t enough room for guests and family members when they come over. 
  • There aren’t adequate outdoor spaces such as gardens or porches.

In order to make sure that all of these needs are met while still maintaining what’s already great about your home, an excellent option would be to consider building an addition onto the back portion of your own property.

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It’s our mission is to provide the highest quality Home Remodeling services at competitive prices, while giving delivering high levels of customer service throughout the project. Free Estimates with Competitive Pricing!

Contact us today and speak with one of our experts! 

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