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Sliding Doors

A sliding door installation can add convenience and natural light to any home, which is why Design Windows and Doors offers single-swing, double-swing, barn door, or one that slides open. Our door specialists have decades of combined experience. Not only do we ensure your doors match your property’s look, they are installed seamlessly providing beauty and security for decades.

Sliding Door Style

Sliding doors are often drafty and difficult to open. If the lock doesn’t latch securely, then you should get a replacement. Even if it’s just worn-out, we can install new sliding doors for your home!

The following replacement doors are available for you to choose from:

  • Sliding glass doors in various styles and finishes.
  • Multi-slide door configurations come in different panel numbers.
  • Luxury Patio Doors with ENERGY STAR® and airtight seals help reduce energy costs, provide a safe entryway, and are low maintenance.
  • The doors are crafted with the latest security innovations.
  • Glass doors with a variety of lengths and sizes.

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Call us today to get an estimate on customized sliding doors for your home. Our professionals will help you customize the details so that they look like they were designed specifically for your home!

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